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About Us

Endorsco is a global consultancy and platform connecting brands and their marketing agencies to premier influential entertainment and pop culture talent and assets.

Specializing in procurement, insights and measurement, we're growing the world’s leading collaborative celebrity talent procurement network for live events and advertising services.

Born in the Harvard Innovation Lab and cultivated around the world, Endorsco has reinvented the way endorsements are negotiated, with a unique 'agency of agencies' model designed to streamline the process for brands, creative agencies, producers and talent.

As a one-stop shop with deep understanding and experience across key business functions intersecting marketing and legal, Endorsco is a commercially-minded agency for the times.

Our expertize spans talent agency and brand management, advertising, marketing, legal, and data analysis. Contact us to discuss solutions.

Andy Craig is the Endorsco Managing Director and brings a decade of experience as an entertainment industry negotiator across legal, marketing and representation divisions of some of the world's influential companies. He has brokered deals in the United States, United Kingdom, India, Australia and in many other territories, with iconic brands and public figures. Andy strives to achieve the best commercial outcome for all parties, in any situation.
Paul Bracewell is an Endrosco Director and leads the development of the company's proprietary data rating insights. Throughout his career his strength has been to hear the problems faced by business leaders and decision-makers in their own words and link that to potential data sources and approaches to find solutions. Paul has done award winning doctoral research into rating systems and evaluating sports performance.

Booking Agency. Reimagined.

Endorsco is a global consultancy connecting brands to influential entertainment talent. Specializing in procurement and insights we're creating a leading talent network for events and advertising. Endorsco streamlines endorsement negotiations with a unique 'agency of agencies' model. As a one-stop-shop with expertise in marketing and legal functions, we are a commercially-minded agency for the times. Contact us today at for agent and manager contacts and to discuss our offering.