Frequently Asked Questions

What can Endorsco help me with?


At Endorsco we strive to make sense of the complicated world of talent representation. Finding and negotiating with agents, managers and publicists can be hard work. Representatives are always changing and are often hard to locate. If you do find their contact details, you might not know how much a deal should be worth, or how to execute. Endorsco takes the guesswork out of the process by engaging with them on your behalf for endorsements and appearances, whether you work for a brand or event.  

How does Endorsco do this?


With years of industry experience, the team at Endorsco has built an extensive network of agents all over the world, representing famous actors, athletes, musicians and other public figures on each continent. Through out network we are able to engage with the talent and understand their market value.  

Tell me about the data and how that works?


Endorsco has developed proprietary data techniques to understand how public figures are perceived in the media and by the general public. This helps inform our understanding of who clients should be working with and our advice to you. While most of this data is kept in-house, we do release some of it publicly and it is also availabe on request to certain valued clients.

How do we get started?


That's easy! You can complete the Typeform on the contact page or email us at to discuss endorsement and appearance solutions for your brand or event. We look forward to working with you.

Still have questions? Please email us at

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Endorsco is a global consultancy connecting brands to influential entertainment talent. Specializing in procurement and insights we're creating a leading talent network for events and advertising. Endorsco streamlines endorsement negotiations with a unique 'agency of agencies' model. As a one-stop-shop with expertise in marketing and legal functions, we are a commercially-minded agency for the times. Contact us today at for agent and manager contacts and to discuss our offering.